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628 items to borrow in Kirklees

Borrow: Hard Rubber Juggling Balls -circus equipment

These are professional quality performance balls -but a little stained and faded. They are clean. Note they are quite hard and would roll happily ...

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Soft Juggling Balls - circus equipment

one set of 6 juggling balls- these are covered in a soft foam but quite heavy as full of sand. Good for workshops.

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Fabric Juggling Cubes- circus equipment

One set of 4 sand filled fabric cube shaped practice juggling balls. Great for learning as they dont roll away.

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Juggling Rings -circus equipment

Set of 3 coloured rings. These are harder to juggle with than balls but a lot easier than clubs.

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Diabolo - circus equipment

This is a hard rubber diabolo that is a bit safer to use and hurts less if badly thown and lands on someones head. These are realativley easy to us...

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Devil Stick - circus equipment

Comes with 2 rubber coated sticks that are used as "controls" This is quite a hard thing to master.

Offered by Duggs Carre

Borrow: Reversaboards,

Reversaboards are a safe piece of equipment which enables young people to run inside a sports hall or gym.

Offered by andy morris

Borrow: Camera Pentaz K100 D Super

Camera Pentaz K100 D Super with 18 -55mm Pentax lens. Battery operated with a carry case

Offered by Robin Widdowson

Borrow: traffic cones

to use to manage parking around an event or community activity

Offered by Aidan Hopson

Borrow: Ping pong / Table Tennis sets

This item includes: 1 x Table net that attaches to any table or worktop and can be used both in or outdoors, 2 bats and 3 orange balls which are ne...

Offered by Huddersfield Pakistani Community Allicance