How to start a movement without a formal organisation

Offered by Duggs Carre on behalf of Holmepride and Fenella's tigers 🐯 in Holmfirth
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In February 2017 I along with others started a new approach to caring for our town - it was all about people and local environment here in Holmfirth . We have found new ways to organise and communicate which have allowed us to go from conception of an idea to mobilise people who "give a stuff" to delivering 30 different actions, a new agreed name and logo all within 3 weeks. If you follow the Holmepride Facebook page you can get a feel for what we achieved back then. The programme and now a formal body exists along side the looser group of people who still do a bit. I am happy to share that learning and methodology. There were no leaders or visible structure - And in this critical starting phase was operating more as an informal gang or new movement. It was not in my control or anyone's - people do what they like to make the place better.

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Not really just don't expect us to do anything for you - this is all about you doing what you like, what you can and when you can