Effective engagement - building movements and story telling

Offered by Duggs Comoodle Carre on behalf of The Comoodle Team
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A session looking at effective and innovative ideas to attract new users from the unaware to the curious. Amongst other things I ran a full time engagement shop on the high street in Dewsbury working with one of Britain's best creative engagement specialists. This session will look at the techniques I used then and also look at what we have done with Comoodle - engagement is driven by connections and stories, but trust under pins it all.

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No major conditions really - there would be no charges but I have to balance other commitments in and out of work, the more notice we have on both sides the better. I am prepared to work odd evenings and weekends. Sessions can be adapted to fit your needs, time available and take account of what you already know and do. I have a fairly pragmatic and eclectic approach and don't follow all the rules and mantras but take what works from the best practice I see.