Co- production of big (& little) projects

Offered by Duggs Comoodle Carre on behalf of The Comoodle Team
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Looking back on community consultation, planning and a variety of techniques to "crowd source" ideas and turn them into a deliverable action plan. There's a wealth of opinion and ideas out there but also other resources to draw on. This project shows how you can create the right environment to get the most out of collaboration.

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Free of charge
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No major conditions really - there would be no charges but I have to balance other commitments in and out of work, the more notice we have on both sides the better. I am prepared to work odd evenings and weekends. Sessions can be adapted to fit your needs, time available and take account of what you already know and do. I have a fairly pragmatic and eclectic approach and don't follow all the rules and mantras but take what works from the best practice I see.