Working in a Political Environment

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Amongst other roles in my 25yrs at the Council I have worked with individual Councillors; been a committee clerk for what are now the district committees; reported to lead councillors and presented at Cabinet and political group meetings. In local government our primary governance structure is that of our politicians. I have worked well with Councillors from all parties and had the odd run in too. It is critical to understand how politics works at local and national levels. Increasingly our own Councillors will become community connectors and enablers and it is worth looking at how you can connect your project effectively with our politicians.

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Not really - there would be no charges but I have to balance other commitments in and out of work, the more notice we have on both sides the better. I am prepared to work odd evenings and weekends. Sessions can be adapted to fit your needs, time available and take account of what you already know and do. I have a fairly pragmatic and eclectic approach and don't follow all the rules and mantras but take what works from the best practice I see.