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I've been keeping a variety of bees now for several years and have learnt a bit, but not got too much honey to be honest.

I'm no expert but can point you easily to those that are. Also happy to let you come and see the bees at home in Holmfirth and open up a hive. We have some great resources round here, and a great training, development and support network via the Huddersfield and District Beekeepers' Assoc. . I am happy to support any community projects thinking of getting some bees. There is a lot to know and a lot of ways to save time and money if you know what you are doing

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None really - in practice if you want to see the hives you would have to travel to me anyway. Note: there is nothing to do or see from Sept to March as its too cold to get out of bed if you are bee, so they are all locked down for the long winter months.

You are unlikely to get stung but if you do its a good initiation to the fine art - if you keep bees you will at some point get stung. So all this is at your own risk.