4 x 16 Passenger Seat Accessible Minibuses

Offered by Paul Jones on behalf of The Denby Dale Centre in Huddersfield
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Accessible minibus fleet forming part of the Community Transport provided by the Denby Dale Centre. Hire a minibus as self drive or with a driver. Charges based on:
a. Under six hour session OR Over six hour session
b. Mileage - replace the fuel used
c. Manpower - driver hire

Then, if applicable:
d. Cleaning charge
e. Insurance excess (for self drive and only in event of a claim)
f. Cancellation under 24 hours of trip

Vehicles based in Denby Dale and Huddersfield.

Organisations to be not for profit.
Trips to be without a view to a profit.
Membership is required - not for public.

Self Drive Drivers
Simple, cheap and quick training is provided.
Driver license checks required.

Hired Drivers:
Full safeguard checked

Visit for further details or email [email protected]

What is being charged?
Charges will be applied to meet costs - see T&Cs

16 passenger seats, plus driver or if wheelchair user needs tie-down of wheelchair, seats will need removing
* If you'd like to borrow this, you'll be asked to agree to these terms:

Contact Transport Office for further T&Cs
Contact [email protected] or 01484 860077