Creating a theory of change

Offered by Ashley Lucas in Huddersfield
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The Theory of Change (ToC) is a tool used to effectively support your organisations work. This is done by producing a diagram that explains how your programme/activities have an impact on people that use your services. It will outline all the things that your programme does for your beneficiaries, the ultimate impact that it aims to have on them, and all the separate outcomes that lead or contribute to that impact.

The benefits of having a ToC are it provides a useful tool to demonstrate the impact your organisation is making in a clear and convincing way. It will also support your organisation to refine and enhance the effectiveness of your work by reviewing your activity. This will provide the first steps in developing an effective evaluation framework by identifying the outcomes which need to be measured.

The training will last between 2-3 hours and will involve a workshop with members of your organisation, this could include trustees, staff, volunteers or service users.

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