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Shape Lindley was founded by Marcus & Zoe in 2012 and started life as a small group of residents...

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  • Health / Sports / Physical Wellbeing
  • Providing useful information
  • Helping young people
  • Community spirit

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Dec 17 - 19, 2018

Christmas Play

We run a homework and out of school club and this year we wanted to give the children who aren't ...

Shape Lindley CIC
Feb 17 - 28, 2017

Half term Club

Giving children a different experience compared to what they maybe used to.

Shape Lindley CIC
Mar 10 - 10, 2017

1yr birthday party

celebrating our 1year birthday of supporting families within the local community with a community...

Shape Lindley CIC

Holiday club for localchildren

we want to teach local children how to play table tennis and have a tournament at the end of the ...

Shape Lindley CIC