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What is this?

We're trying to have fun with Comoodle to show who's doing the most. So the more people do, the more points they get and rise up the levels.

Leaderboard for Level 7 in Kirklees

Top 20 Hardcore Comoodlers: Participated in many trades.LevelPoints
1.Comoodle Team - Kirklees CouncilHardcore Comoodler346,611
2.Transport ServicesHardcore Comoodler17,046
3.stephen knightHardcore Comoodler14,051
4.tracey kingHardcore Comoodler11,636
5.Friends of Wilton Park, BatleyHardcore Comoodler11,476
6.Duggs CarreHardcore Comoodler11,211
7.Jamie CarrollHardcore Comoodler9,926
8.Lynne OnyskiwHardcore Comoodler8,596
9.Mandy Boatswain-Tomkin Hardcore Comoodler7,786
10.shapelindleyHardcore Comoodler7,671
11.Duggs Comoodle CarreHardcore Comoodler7,411
12.Tim GraceHardcore Comoodler6,021
13.Laura GriffithsHardcore Comoodler5,936
14.MerewynHardcore Comoodler5,936
15.Julie Stewart-TurnerHardcore Comoodler5,601
16.Gemma ShearingHardcore Comoodler5,576
17.Robert WhittakerHardcore Comoodler4,976
18.Paul wayneHardcore Comoodler4,866
19.Colin BarkessHardcore Comoodler4,446
20.Richard ShawHardcore Comoodler3,931