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What is this?

We're trying to have fun with Comoodle to show who's doing the most. So the more people do, the more points they get and rise up the levels.

Leaderboard for Level 5 in Kirklees

Top 20 Comoodlers: Participated in at least one trade.LevelPoints
1.Farook YunusComoodler3,796
4.Nikki PattinsonComoodler3,246
5.Nicola Taylor Kilkenny Comoodler3,126
6.Andy BurtonComoodler3,091
7.Jo CoveComoodler2,676
8.Sandy LuComoodler2,581
9.Lisa HolmesComoodler2,441
10.Basil RichardsComoodler2,251
11.Marina PoppaComoodler2,216
12.Sallie lumbComoodler1,796
13.Fazila AswatComoodler1,746
14.Aidan HopsonComoodler1,566
15.Ian GoochComoodler1,546
16.Better in Kirklees (BiK)Comoodler1,271
17.Lesley SteelComoodler1,266
19.Trevor SeymourComoodler1,196
20.Huddersfield Deaf CentreComoodler1,121
22.Ali WaterworthComoodler946
23.Beverley WhitfieldComoodler866