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What is this?

We're trying to have fun with Comoodle to show who's doing the most. So the more people do, the more points they get and rise up the levels.

Leaderboard for Level 4 in Kirklees

Top 20 Sharers: Sharing with others in the true spirit of Comoodle.LevelPoints
1.Gareth Pierce Sharer3,096
4.Jason SmithSharer2,580
5.andy morrisSharer2,576
6.A CARDENSharer2,176
7.Safeena ahmad Sharer2,096
8.Huddersfield MissionSharer2,096
9.Lisa HolmesSharer1,991
10.Central Youth ClubSharer1,986
11.Emma ManbySharer1,896
13.Melisa JacksonSharer1,701
14.Vincent Shaw Community CentreSharer1,696
15.Lorna IdleSharer1,695
16.Paul JonesSharer1,500
17.Dennis Doyle Sharer1,496
18.Jane ElsmereSharer1,496
19.Elliott SharpSharer1,376
20.Yasin LorgatSharer1,366
21.Elaine CloughSharer1,296
22.Ibrar HussainSharer1,296