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What is this?

We're trying to have fun with Comoodle to show who's doing the most. So the more people do, the more points they get and rise up the levels.

Leaderboard for Level 3 in Kirklees

Top 20 Activitists: Engaging with the community.LevelPoints
1.Liz AthertonActivitist1,181
2.Kirklees Adults Care OfferActivitist511
3.Craig MunnsActivitist441
4.Huddersfield CarnivalActivitist371
5.Anna Dawson-JonesActivitist366
6.Starr ZamanActivitist366
7.Habeeb KamalActivitist351
10.saroj VermaActivitist336
11.Susan TommisActivitist276
12.Clare Bent Activitist276
13.Alison Saoirse LloydActivitist276
14.Helen WoodsActivitist266
15.Rowena ChantlerActivitist266
16.Sarah JacksonActivitist261
17.Friends of Greenhead ParkActivitist261
18.Martin SmithActivitist256
19.Meg PlummerActivitist256
20.Bernard William McGuinActivitist256
21.Mike RobertsActivitist255