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What is this?

We're trying to have fun with Comoodle to show who's doing the most. So the more people do, the more points they get and rise up the levels.

Leaderboard for Level 6 in Kirklees

Top 20 Expert Comoodlers: Helped make something happenLevelPoints
1.Veena Expert Comoodler3,586
2.Jacqueline SimpsonExpert Comoodler3,476
3.Keith.saulExpert Comoodler2,361
4.Andy CookExpert Comoodler2,346
5.Lisa JaggerExpert Comoodler2,236
6.Fatihul-haqExpert Comoodler2,211
7.Marsden Community TrustExpert Comoodler2,181
8.Conscious Youth CIC Expert Comoodler2,171
9.Pure Elegance Carnival Expert Comoodler2,156
10.The Jane Khalaf FundExpert Comoodler2,141
11.Katie woodExpert Comoodler2,066
12.Kerrie pearsonExpert Comoodler2,016
13.Sean McManaminExpert Comoodler1,936
14.Jo LiversidgeExpert Comoodler1,936
15.Ann Denham, Chair, Friends of Tolson & RavensknowleExpert Comoodler1,936
16.Adele mackExpert Comoodler1,856
17.Samuel MossExpert Comoodler1,836
18.AndyExpert Comoodler1,831
19.Susanna ShotterExpert Comoodler1,686
20.Zoë Parker Expert Comoodler1,666