Borrow, lend or share

Comoodle beta

The first version of our new Comoodle web site is now live. Head on over to Comoodle beta to see what’s already been offered or to add things that you’re happy to share with local groups.

Find out more on our blog: Making sharing as easy as A B C

Whilst we’re setting everything up on our new web site, you can also still use our request forms here:


Make a wish

Make a wish

What's on your wish list? Ask for stuff you need to borrow, spaces you need to use or skills you'd like people to share with you.
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Comoodle van

Borrow a vehicle

Borrow a van, Land Rover or car from Comoodle.
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Borrow sports equipment

Borrow games and sports equipment through Comoodle for up to 12 weeks to help you do something good where you live.
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inflatable pitch

Borrow inflatables, generators or an events trailer

We’re loaning out some of biggest kit yet, to help you make your community events even better.
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Jill Long from Communities Who Can

Coaching for people who help to run community organisations

Helping to run a voluntary organisation can be challenging. Coaching can give you some confidential, one-to-one support.
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Wakefield Road allotments

Land for food growing, Wakefield Road

Are you looking for somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables as part of a community project? We might be able to help.
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neighbourhood planning

Skills and support for Neighbourhood Planning

Are you looking for support with developing a Neighbourhood Plan - or can you offer help to local communities with neighbourhood planning?
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Make a wish

Share one thing with your community

Please tell us about anything you can lend to help community organisations and projects.
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